“The thought behind eCom Labels is pretty ingenious.

The labels allow us to utilize the whole package for branding. Instead of packing info sheets into our box, we can save time and money by just printing our shipping label right on them! No longer does the shipping label become out of place as if it was created by a third party. That area becomes part of our brand and lets our company control the entire package’s look and feel. We don’t do many coupons and had concerns our labels would be ineffective compared to others that incentivized customers to look. To our upmost surprise, the products we featured on the label sold more frequently to repeat customers than the product they just bought! Ted and the eCom Label team have been brilliant partners in making our shipping program a success.”

- Danny Catullo, Catullo Prime Meats


“We were really impressed with the print quality.  The eCom labels have made our boring shipping boxes vibrant and recognizable.  We think they will be a great marketing tool going forward.”

 - Katie Stephenson, Kentucky Derby Museum


"We love the labels!"

- Lorenzo De La Torre, Globalrose.com


“Our eCom Labels have allowed us to really gain a better personal relationship with our customers. We are a company founded on modern technology and bringing the latest and greatest to our customers in our products, so when presented with a more modern way to do a shipping label and give the customer more information, it was a no brainer for us. Instead of the customer just opening a box and just being presented a product, we can now keep that customer engaged and give he/she even more available products and information about our company, which in turn gives us a better relationship with them.”

- Justin Waller, Owner, Gator Waders


"I think the label is awesome!"

- Kyle Zehring, CEO, Tailgate@home


"ECom Label Solutions are a great way to leverage packaging slips for marketing information.  We've included special promos and offers that have increased sales, which tells us our customers are noticing the labels and using them.  The company is very easy to work with and speedy in delivery."

- Kathleen Bradley, Director of Marketing , NewLife Industries, Inc.

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